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    Freight Consolidation, Warehousing, Container Loading & More...

    H84 Exports offers warehousing and consolidations services for customers shipping overseas. Our secure warehouse is located in Sunrise, FL not far from multiple ports, airports, and various freight forwarders. You can feel secure in sending your orders to our warehouse where we can hold them and prepare them for shipment with your other items or order. Our team understands the complexities and demands that can be associated with shipping building materials overseas and can work with you to ensure that your materials are stored, packed, and shipped when you need them and want them.
    We have been serving customers building and living abroad since 2014 which is why H84 Exports offers our customers warehousing and consolidation services. Our team has shipped everything from raw building materials, dry groceries, housewares, fine arts, and of course countless online purchases. Our team has the expertise and know-how to process, package and secure all your items so they are ready to make the short or long journey home to you.
    For more information, please contact info@h84exports.com


    You Shop/ We Receive

    Whether you purchase from us or from someone else you can forward all your purchases to the H84 Exports warehouse. Once we receive your items we will notify you and ensure that the quantities are correct and nothing is broken or missing. We hold them until you are ready for us to ship your order/items. 

    Prepare For Shipment

    Our team can pack, crate, palletize, consolidate and even load your container so that it is all ready for your freight forwarder. We save you money by maximizing every cubic foot available on your pallet or in your shipping container

    Delivery Day

    Once you are ready for shipment we can schedule the delivery of your packages, pallets, crates, or shipping containers to your freight forwarder of choice anywhere in the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County). Once delivered we will send you a confirmation and proof of delivery.

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